Beat The Winter Blues

So, winter is officially here and we have the next few months of cold weather and dark mornings and evenings to look forward to. Like many, you might be struggling to get out of bed in the mornings, yawning through the day and then feeling tired when the sun goes down. It might be cold and dark outside, but that’s no reason to not feel amazing. Here’s a few tips to get you through the winter blues.


Tip 1 – Cut Down On Your Alcohol Consumption


Someone said to me recently that hearing this fact was worse than the ‘getting out of a warm bed in the morning’ feeling, but honestly having that extra glass of wine in the evening reduces the happy hormone, serotonin and also means you ability to have a good night’s sleep is reduced. As your sleeping pattern is so important, not getting enough sleep leads to you feeling down and out.



Tip 2 – Eat Well

Try to eat foods that contain vitamin D and protein, such as oily fish, chicken, eggs and nuts as they give the body much-needed energy to help counteract that sluggish feeling. We all love our carbs but try to go for ones that are high in fiber, such as brown rich and wholemeal bread. If you feel tired at lunchtime and think a sugar kick is what you need, think again as they will always lead to a slump in energy by dinner time. And for a snack in the evenings, try Brazil nuts, sunflower seed or walnuts as they contain selenium which boosts your mind.


Tip 3 – Drink Green Tea


Green tea is full of antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body. It improves brain function, aids in fat loss, and has even been associated with lowering the risk of cancer and diabetes. Green tea is also known to help with stress so make sure you have a cup each day.




Tip 4 – Exercise


It might be cold outside and all you may feel like doing is curling up in front of the television every night but if you take the plunge to get out in the great outdoors for a brisk walk or a run, believe me you’ll never feel the same again. Exercise is directly linked to improving moods and increasing your metabolism. It gets your endorphin’s pumping and you’ll be not only happy but healthy and ready for Spring.


Tip 5 – Increase Your Supplements


As I mentioned, vitamin D is essential to your well-being, and to ensure you have your recommended daily allowance take Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil Capsules to keep you topped up until Spring. It’s also worth investing in St. John’s Wort tablets which work by naturally increasing serotonin levels.




Tip 6 – Turn On The Lights

If you find the dark evenings affect your mood then it’s worth getting a Seasonal Affective Disorder lamp. They have grown very popular in recent years and there are many types on the market. They are designed to influence hormone levels making us feel awake and positive. If you’re stuck indoors, a bright light session is the next best thing.



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