Flawless Foundation

Getting your foundation right is key to a healthy looking fresh, clean result. Here are some of the best tips to ensure you achieve the perfect flawless foundation.


♦ Before applying your foundation, make sure to cleanse, dry and apply a moisturiser that’s suitable for your skin type. It might seem like a basic step but if skipped, foundation can look patchy.

♦ To ensure a really sleek even look, apply a primer before your foundation. It effortlessly covers fine lines and pores.



♦ When applying foundation, natural light is key. Try to apply near a window to ensure it’s even and not too dark.

♦ For an even coverage, dab foundation across the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin then blend with a foundation brush or sponge.

♦ When shopping for foundation, use a tester along the jawline instead of the back of your hand. It gives a truer colour.

♦ To set your foundation, lightly dust powder over the top with a large brush. Don’t brush too much on as it can look caked and uneven.

♦ For a dewy finish, wet the tip of your foundation brush and sweep along the cheeks and down the bridge of your nose.


Tools of the trade

♦ Wet the tip of your foundation brush and sweep it over cheeks and down your nose for a dewy finish.

♦ For a light finish, swirl your brush over the powder, tap off excess and buff it into skin in circular motions. For fuller coverage, blot powder on with a sponge.

♦ Covering your whole face in translucent powder can look caked, just dust your T-zone to stop shine.

♦ Seal your powder with an oil-free setting spray.

♦ Wash your foundation brush once a week.


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