Mastering Your Manicure

If you find your nail polish is going the distance, try these tips to keep you primed and polished all week.


♦  Buff away any nail ridges first to get a completely smooth base – it will keep your manicure chip-free for a few extra days.

♦  Neaten your cuticles beforehand.

♦  Always use a base coat to protect nails from staining.

♦  Use a cuticle oil to get nails in tip-top condition for painting.

♦  Apply thin layers of polish to stop it peeling off.

♦  Leave a minute between each coat – this will prevent the polish from chipping.

♦  Run a second coat of your polish just along the edges of your tips, it’ll keep water out which will also help to avoid flaking and chips.

♦  Seal the very top edge of your nail with topcoat to get more wear out of the colour.

♦  Use a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover to tidy up and mistakes.

♦  For the quickest drying nails, wait for your first to dry before applying your second.

♦  Another quick dying fix is to run wet nails under cold water.

♦  Use a topcoat to make polish last.

♦  When your nail polish is completely dry, massage a little cuticle oil around the edges to banish any dry, flaky skin.

♦  A fresh layer of topcoat every day will make your polish last longer.

♦  Try a matt topcoat over your neon shade to give it an edgier feel and make chips look less obvious. Matt nails dry quicker than the gloss finish, so are perfect if you’re in a rush.

♦  Pale skin tones should stick to pinks and purples (pastel). For darker skins, anything goes.

♦  Rounded nail edges make fingers look longer.

♦  Dress your nails up at night with a coat of clear glitter varnish on top.

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