Top Tips on Body Scrubs

A body scrub is a fantastic way to exfoliate and hydrate your skin, which will leave it smooth, soft and glowing. Used regularly, scrubs make your skin-tone look much more even.

To ensure you get the best skin you can, here’s some tips from the beauty insiders.


1 Before showering, rub a dry body brush over your skin to soften rough patches – it makes it easier to exfoliate.

2 Apply body oil before your scrub for a silky-smooth finish.

3 Be careful not to be too rough on sensitive areas like your chest. Instead opt for a facial scrub – the exfoliating beads are finer, so they’re kinder to the skin, causing less redness.

4 Always rub in big circular motions starting at the feet and working upwards – this brings blood to the skins surface, boosting your circulation, which is great in combating the appearance of cellulite.

5 Your skin can be delicate after using a scrub, so make sure to apply a soothing moisturiser afterwards.

6 Your skin renews itself every 28 days, so try to exfoliate once a fortnight to prevent a build-up of dead cells.

7 Never use a thermal scrub post-shave, as it can irritate any little cuts.

8 You should try to exfoliate at the end of your shower. The heat will have opened pores, making it easier to remove lingering dirt and dry skin.

9 If you use a morning scrub, make sure you apply SPF afterwards.


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